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Among the most profound disruptions caused by the Coronavirus, or Covid-19 is the impact it has had on education all across the world.

In our first Covid-19 Response Briefing 01, we review the impact of Covid-19 on the country’s complex and diverse education systems, the government’s response to the crisis, and the ways and means through which the response can be optimized.

This analysis was authored by Mosharraf Zaidi and Umar Nadeem and benefitted immensely by contributions from Amna Zaidi and Warda Malik. Global Insights were adapted from Vikas Pota and Esteban Bulrich’s Education and Our World Group’s Conference Call on Equity in Education (April 02, 2020).

Mosharraf Zaidi is a Senior Fellow at Tabadlab. He has over two decades of advisory experience in public policy in complex political environments. He writes a weekly column for The News International, a fortnightly column the Arab News, and hosts the How to Pakistan podcast.

Umar Nadeem is a Fellow at Tabadlab. His experience spans engagements with governments, multilateral organizations and corporations in Asia, Europe and Africa with a focus on governance, service delivery, digital transformation and innovation. Umar holds a Master of Public Policy from the University of Oxford.

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