About Tabadlab

Tabadlab seeks to understand, interpret and analyze how change happens. It does so by working with businesses, governments, development partners, non-profits, and leaders that want to engage in improved outcomes for people, communities, countries and regions. Tabadlab’s researchers believe that 21st century public policy is formulated at the intersection of evidence (cutting-edge research and data), media and politics. Negotiating better outcomes for all people requires bridging the divides between individuals and groups that operate within an environment that often rewards short-term private interests at the expense of the long-term collective good.

How we see the world

Young people, new technologies, and growing anxieties and fears about a changing world are testing the ability of leaders to forge consensus around evidence-based decisions. Improving outcomes for people, communities, countries and regions therefore requires not only developing the right tools but also framing to be able to communicate and negotiate these important areas of public life. Tabadlab seeks to serve as a laboratory to help develop and deploy tools and language that effect such change.

What we do

Incorporated as a private limited company registered with the Security and Exchange Commission of Pakistan (SECP), Tabadlab is headquartered in Islamabad, Pakistan. We have grown to establish a strong team of innovative researchers, development practitioners, strategic communication experts and a national network of community engagement organisations. Our Research & Advisory practice builds on the rich and diverse experience of the team to deliver bespoke services and products for clients. We bring a unique perspective to public policy challenges, applying robust frameworks for analysis, design thinking for innovative solutions and using cutting-edge global insights to inform locally relevant solutions for high impact and sustainability.



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