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Tabadlab seeks to understand, interpret and analyse how change happens. It does so by working with businesses, governments, non profits, and leaders that want to engage in improved outcomes for people, communities, countries and regions.

Tabadlab’s researchers believe that 21st century public policy is formulated at the intersection of media, cutting-edge research and data, and politics. Negotiating better outcomes for all people requires bridging the divides between individuals and groups that operate within an environment that often rewards short term private interests at the expense of the long term collective good.


Pakistan Alliance for

Math & Science

The Pak Alliance for Maths and Science is a collective of organisations which believe that the national discourse in Pakistan must begin to privilege maths and science education for the sake of our country’s future generations.  The member organisations are based across Pakistan, and are active in their pursuit for improved learning outcomes of students in schools, colleges and universities.

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